WAGYU SAMURAI is our branded beef that we can proudly offer to consumers.

Usually in Japan, beef brands are acknowledged by region and branded-cows are fed within the specified areas with unique fattening methods by the agricultural organizations in each production area and district. When it comes to Japanese-produced beef (wagyu), the most widely known brands are Omi, Matsuzaka and Kobe. In fact, however, there is still a number of other high-quality but unknown beef brands all over the country. Therefore, when selecting beef, we donft limit to any specific area and carefully select quality wagyu from a wide range of areas. Thatfs why we can stably provide oversea consumers with premium-quality wagyu.

Devoting wagyu producers are exactly like worriers, and deserve the title of WAGYU SAMURAI. We discover competent wagyu farms full of ideas and precision techniques from all over the country using our extensive network. Then we carefully select only the highest-quality black hair wagyu. We created and launched the WAGYU SAMURAI project to introduce such quality wagyu to consumers all over the world.

In the Okinawa Islands, at the southernmost part of Japan, cows are fed food that is rich in nutrients extracted from the sea that is populated by thick and vast coral reefs. They also eat sugar cane. Sugar cane is not only sweet but also contains a lot of minerals and nutrients. We think that sweet and tasty sugar cane makes the cows happy, just the same as chocolate for us. Sugar cane makes cows feel happy and relaxed and helps them grow up healthily in both body and mind. As a matter of fact, the people in Okinawa live the longest in Japan and they are also known to be familiar with the taste of life. Accordingly, WAGYU SAMURAI from Okinawa grows cows freely to create a sweet beef with a rich taste.

Miyazai is in the east part of Kyushu, a little north of Okinawa. Its name can be found in various mythologies. It is also the place where the Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasuoomikami, who is the supreme god of Japan, was born. We donft know if it is significant or not, but Miyazaki has the most sunny days and the longest daylight hours in Japan. It also said that the place where the Goddess was born has had the fewest conflicts with neighboring areas.

WAGYU SAMURAI in Miyazaki takes care of cows with the warmth from the Goddess of the Sun combined with a gentle and delicate sense of balance to achieve long-term regional peace. When the cows are still young, it is important they build healthy bodies with high-calorie and nutritious food rich in quality. After that you need to check the degree of growth of each cow meticulously for fine adjustment such as to add low-calorie rice and wheat as well as reduce extra fat etc., and take good care of every single cow. As a result of their efforts, Miyazaki wagyu has won the Prime Ministerfs Award in 7 categories out of 9 at the National Wagyu Exhibition, which is called the gWagyu Olympicsh. Moreover, at the grand sumo tournaments of, Japanfs national sport, one Miyazaki cow is presented to the winner as a prize.

Gunma is located to the north of Tokyo and takes the role of a gwater poth for the capital region. In Gunma cows are fed with five grains (rice, wheat, Italian millet, Japanese millet, and beans). We have the expression gpray for the productiveness of the five grainsh and it shows our ancestors wished not only for a bountiful harvest of these five grains but also for happiness of the people and future prosperity. That means the five grains were vital life-sustaining food for our ancestors.

Blending the five grains is nutritionally excellent as each grain makes up any deficit of the others. Therefore cows in Gunma fed with five grains are amazingly healthy and never require any medicine such as antibiotics. The WAGYU SAMURAI in Gunma patiently watch the natural growth of their cows without using any hormones, drugs, or antibiotics. People in Gunma say that humans are blessed with Mother Nature. So we should live our lives with a feeling of gratitude and awe toward Nature and that we may grow up healthy both in body and mind in return. Five-grain cows, with their hopes and expectations, grow to be good cows with a healthy body.

Saitama, located next to Gunma, used to be called gMusashih. Musashi means the place where many worriers congregate as in an arsenal, the warehouse of the samurai and it is recognized as the birthplace of the samurai. Today Saitama is known as an energetic place with the highest ratio of working people (15-65 years old) in Japan.

The WAGYU SAMURAI in Saitama adopted the method of adding 1% and more of edible charcoal to the feed stuff. As you may know, charcoal is not just the worthless ashes of wood. Old-time charcoal burners would eat charcoal to check their condition and that made them famous for their good health and long lives. Charcoal contains abundant minerals such as Calcium, Kalium, Iron, Manganese etc., as well as Germanium to improve the blood circulation. Moderate intake of charcoal improves the cowsf immunity to disease and also supplements their nutrition. Wagyu in Saitama growing up with a charcoal intake has an astonishingly refreshing flavor with little cholesterol. Its fat tastes rich in flavor and also it stays fresh for a long time.

As described above, each wagyu has its unique individuality. Such a meticulous attitude toward beef quality by Japanese farmers might be the best in the world. Other than those above, there are a great number of WAGYU SAMURAIs all over Japan. This time, in a memorable first issue, we would like to introduce Miyazaki beef. The cows are fed with clean water, fine grains that mainly consist of corns and barleys, and uniquely in Japan, rice straw. So their beef is rich in amino acid and inosinic acid which are the source of umami. It also contains much oleic acid as a flavor compound and you can savor the deep flavor in your mouth. A vital factor of texture, gsashi (fat)h is soft with a lot of linolenic acid and you can enjoy umami, flavor, and taste as never before.

Since ancient times in Japan, events related to the Gods such as festivals have been dominated by the Emperor or noblemen while samurais have taken charge of issue adjustments in this world such as politics or trials. Power and duties were divided to each. As the result, the samurai acquired an extremely realistic awareness and viewed gdevoting their life to their own jobs and dutiesh as the best virtue. Their virtue formed the basis of the Japanese working ethic. We see the spirit of the samurai passing from generation to generation by the people devoting their energy to creating wagyu in various regions of Japan. That is why we named them the WAGYU SAMURAI.

WAGYU SAMURAI is our wholehearted project to introduce wagyu to people living outside Japan. We invite you to taste the masterwork of samurais from all over Japan for yourself.


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